Technical Features


It gives a distinct option for customary metal surface pretreatments and is guaranteed not to create waste or lower production or performance.

Renewable Source

The products provided by us are proved to be used for longer period of time due to it's superior quality and are most renewable.

Low Maintenance

We provide best metal products which requires low maintenance due to it's supreme quality.

Easy Installation

We help us in providing knowledge about our products and it does not takes lots of efforts for using metal products provided by us.

Used in Remote Locations

They are most portable products and can be used in remote location without any special tools.

Long Lasting Products

Due to it's excellent quality, we have been proved to provide products which has good long lasting durability.

More About Us

VIHA STEEL & FORGING vision is focused on giving our customers quality amassing organizations in a circumstance of steady change that conveys valuable advancement for our customers and our financial specialists.
Our Goals are:
  • Our standard goal is to be effective in every field we try to cooperate in.
  • To be perceived by the main associations on the world.
  • To create at the rate of development.
  • To have the ability to give customers quality things over their trusts.
  • To keep laborers and customers merry by giving them the reverence they justify.
  • To be an association that is beneficial to its country and also society with everything taken into account.
The misssion of VIHA STEEL & FORGING is that we attempt to be a key assistant for our customers, enabling them to meet their business destinations, by passing on quality parts, seriously assessed, on time and unfailingly.
Our Missions are:
  • Being the preferred vendor of choice by servicing our clients to create economic success in each project.
  • Creating a place of employment where we can learn, grow and be fulfilled in the work we do.
  • Making the groups in which we work a superior spot to live.
Our center qualities are major to characterizing who we are as an association and how we carry on. Values control our activities.
We believe in:
  • Giving world class client administration.
  • Maximizing sales and business unit growth.
  • An engaged in, trusting and commonly gainful relationship in the middle of franchisee and franchisor.
  • Constantly enhancing, sharing and actualizing the System.
  • Working in a protected situation.
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