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VIHA Steel and Forging is a leading Hastelloy Fasteners manufacturers, Hastelloy Fasteners suppliers & Hastelloy Fasteners exporters. VIHA Steel and Forging are instrumental in offering ideal quality Hastelloy Fasteners to our significant clients. These hastelloy Fasteners are produced according to the business set standards by utilizing propelled hardware. Owing to their robust design and flawless finish, these fasteners offered by us are highly demanded in the market.

We offers various types of nuts,bolts,washer and screw Hastelloy Bolts , Hastelloy Nuts , Hastelloy Hexagon Nut , Hastelloy Hex Nut , Hastelloy Hex Coupling Nut, Hastelloy Hex Domed Cap Nuts , Hastelloy Square Nut , Hastelloy Stud Bolts , Hastelloy Hex Head Bolts, Hastelloy Socket Hexagon Head Screw Anchor Bolt Hastelloy U- Bolts ,Hastelloy Serrated Flange Nut , Hastelloy Flange Lock Nut , Hastelloy Nylon Lock Nut , Hastelloy Slotted Nut , Hastelloy 2 Way Lock Nut , Hastelloy Custom Nut , Hastelloy Acorn Nut , Hastelloy Wing Nut , Hastelloy Jam Nut , Hastelloy T Nuts , Hastelloy Nyloc Nuts,Hastelloy Plain washer , Hastelloy plain big & Hastelloy small washers , Hastelloy spring lock washers , Hastelloy spring washers ,Hastelloy heavy duty , Hastelloy tooth washers , Hastelloy star washers , Hastelloy tab washer with one & two tab , Hastelloy Plain ,Hastelloy Concrete Screw , Hastelloy Chipboard Screw, Hastelloy Thread Rolling Screw , Hastelloy Roofing Screw , Hastelloy Construction screws, Hastelloy Thread Cutting Screw , Hastelloy Drywall Screw , Hastelloy Coach screws / Lag screw, Hastelloy Wood Screw , Hastelloy Euro Screw,.

These Hastelloy Fasteners are produced by national & global norms. VIHA Steel & Forging offer Hastelloy Fasteners in different shapes, for example, Bolts, Nuts, Washer, Screw, strung pole and duplex steel screws and more according to the customers requirments. These Hastelloy Fasteners are for the most part requested by mechanical and car commercial ventures for their precise measurements. Hastelloy Fasteners are accessible in different size, determination & thickness according to the requests of the customers.

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Hastelloy Fasteners Specification

Standard : ASTM / ASME A/SA 193 / 194 IS: 1364, 1367, 3757, 6639, 3640
Range : M4 To M100, 3/8" Unc Till 4" UNC
Length : Upto 3 Meters.
Grade : Hastelloy C-4 (UNS No. N06455), C-276 (UNS No. N10276), Hastelloy C 22 (UNS No. N06022), Hastelloy C 2000
Specification : IS, BS, ASTM
Type : Hastelloy Bolt, Hastelloy Hex Bolt, Hastelloy Stud Bolt, Hastelloy Eye Bolt, Hastelloy Screw, Hastelloy Nut, Hastelloy U Bolt, Hastelloy Washer, Hastelloy Threaded Bolt Etc.

Hastelloy Fasteners Standards

Hastelloy C276 2.4819 N10276 NW 0276 - ХН65МВУ NiMo16Cr15W ЭП760
Hastelloy C22 2.4602 N06022 NW 6022 - - NiCr21Mo14W -
Hastelloy B2 2.4617 N10665 - - - - -


Industrial Bolts:
Hastelloy Stud bolts, Hastelloy hex head bolts, Hastelloy socket hexagon head screw anchor bolts, Hastelloy u-bolts, Hastelloy j bolts, Hastelloy mushroom head square neck bolts, Hastelloy t- head bolts, Hastelloy wing screw bolts, Hastelloy eye bolts, Hastelloy eye bolts, Hastelloy foundation bolts, Hastelloy structural bolts,

Industrial Nuts:
Hastelloy Hexagon nuts, Hastelloy hexagon coupling nuts, Hastelloy hexagon thin nuts, Hastelloy square nuts, Hastelloy hexagon castle nuts, Hastelloy self locking nut, Hastelloy hexagon domed cap nuts.

Industrial Washers:
Hastelloy Plain washer, Hastelloy plain big & small washers, Hastelloy spring lock washers, Hastelloy spring washers heavy duty, Hastelloy tooth washers, Hastelloy star washers, Hastelloy tab washer with one & two tab

Industrial Screws:
Hastelloy Pan Head Slotted Screws, Hastelloy Hexagon Head Screws, Hastelloy Cheese Head Slotted Screws, Hastelloy Countersunk Head Slotted Screws, Hastelloy Countersunk Raised Head Slotted Screws, Hastelloy Pan Phillipse Head Screws, Hastelloy Countersunk Phillipse Raised Head Screws

VIHA Steel & Forging exports Hastelloy C-4 (UNS No. N06455) Fasteners , C-276 (UNS No. N10276) Fasteners, Hastelloy C 22 (UNS No. N06022) Fasteners , Hastelloy C 2000 Fasteners , DIN 2.4819 Fasteners , DIN 2.4602 Fasteners , DIN 2.4617 Fasteners to Saudi Arabia, Uae, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Iran, United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, France, European Union, New Zealand, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Spain, Indonesia, Malasia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Singapore And Netherlands.

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